To identify the right part for my hoist, what information do I need?
  • You will need to provide the hoist model and serial number.
How often are inspections required on overhead lifting devices?
  • Frequent – Daily to monthly by the operator.
  • Periodic – Monthly to annually performed by a qualified, competent person generally from a third party based on duty cycle.
How do I know what capacity of crane I need?
  • There are many factors that go into determining the capacity, size and style of crane that is going to fit your exact application.  Please reach out to us and let our experienced team members help you understand your options.
Do my cranes need to be load tested every year?
  • No. The only required times that a crane needs to be load tested is when they are originally installed or if there is a structural change made.
Do you offer emergency service?
  • Yes. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
How far do you travel for crane service or inspections?
  • Midwest Overhead Crane services the states of MN, IA, ND, SD and WI.  Our family of companies currently cover 26 additional states outside of our region.
How often do I need to have my below the hook devices inspected?
  • Annually. 
Who is qualified to perform overhead crane inspections?
  • Per CMAA – a qualified, competent person is listed as someone who has a minimum of 2,000 working hours on or around cranes with training in safety and design codes.  This person can comply with state, federal and local code standards.

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