Hoist Equipment

With access to all major hoist brands in the market – we will find the right solution to fit your application.  From chain, wire rope, under-running and top-running models, we have you covered.

You can rely on Midwest Overhead Crane to help you decide on the correct hoist addition, replacement, or upgrade based on your needs, taking into account multiple factors, such as: the environment the hoist is being used in, its duty cycle, its application, your workflow, and your budget.

Hoist Types


  • Chain hoists are durable, compact, quiet operating hoists to lift and move loads as little as 250 pounds and up to 50 Tons.  Chain hoists are easy to handle and service and come in manual and electric applications depending on your lifting needs.  Electric Chain hoists are offered one and two speed applications but can also be customized with radio and VFD controls. 

Wire Rope (Under Running & Top Running)

  • Electric wire rope heavy duty hoists offer high quality, performance and durability for the toughest of applications. Electric wire rope hoists can be specifically engineered to fit certain environments and exact specifications with a variety of available options.
  • Wire rope hoists are used in many industries but it is especially popular in production environments because it can perform lifts at faster speeds, lift to higher heights, and can be rated for more severe duty cycle classifications as compared to chain hoists.

Design & Install

The hoist component of any overhead lifting apparatus is the workhorse in the situation and the same amount of care and consideration needs to be taken when choosing the right brand, model, duty, and unique features as any other component. Allow us to help you understand your options for your specific application. 

System Service

At Midwest Overhead Crane, hoist service and parts replacements make up a big part of work, either as stand alones or as a part of a crane. We will determine exactly what you need based on factors such as frequency, picks near capacity, workflow, workspace, and staff skills.

As a service-based company, our top priority is to determine how we can service your current hoist in a costly manner whether that is on-site at your location or in our Ramsey, MN facility. Our team will advise you if the costs of a repair are increasing and replacing it would be a better choice.

We are staffed and equipped to service all repairs of air, electric, manual chain, and wire rope hoists across all brands and manufacturers.

Specialty Hoists

Improving the performance and productivity of all the components, large and small, of your overhead hoists and crane can give a much needed boost to your equipment that is already working hard for you. Through multiple avenues based on your needs, Midwest Overhead Crane can offer:

  • Automation and controls to increase productivity and limit liability
  • Runway electrification upgrades can help increase the power and consistency throughout the entirety of your system.
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to replace your single or double speed motors allows for improvements in productivity, limits wear on your components and improves safety on the floor.
  • Wireless pendant installation allows for increased safety and control while operating a safe distance away from the load for maximum visual attention.

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