Crane & Hoist Operator Training

When you hand over the “keys” to your operator, you want to be absolutely sure they’re the best driver they can be. Our operator training helps ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment. We will help your employees get what they need to be safer, smarter and better operators.

Hands-On Training

This will help the operators on the floor understand what to look for during their daily inspections on their cranes as well as their components and below hook devices for increased worker safety.

  • Description of pendant functions
  • Demonstration of proper lifting procedures
  • Demonstration of improper lifting procedures
  • Understanding the use of straps or standard below hook device

Discussions & Presentations

In-classroom training, visual aides, and descriptions are used to discuss how to properly use all gear associated with overhead crane applications as well identification of wear items to be checked in a daily operator checklist.

Testing & Evaluations

Employees that participate in Operator Training will be given a written exam at the end of the training to ensure that they have understood the critical portions of the class. Upon passing the exam, each employee will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Train & Empower Your Operators

Having an understanding of what the overhead cranes can do is important, but it’s equally important to highlight and teach what they can’t or weren’t designed to do. Our operator training highlights best practices for safety related items but also dives into best practices to keep your cranes functioning and performing well while limiting down time due to improper picks.