Safety & Training Services

Midwest Overhead Crane can offer help to keep your equipment and employees safe and compliant for all of your overhead lifting applications. Two of the most common ways of doing this are through physical testing of your overhead crane structure and a course on best practices on the floor while operating your lifting equipment.

Operator Training

We will train your employees in the ASME and ANSI standards and procedures by conducting on-site discussions, presentations, and hands-on training.

Load Testing

A load test is performed to verify that a specific crane or hoist will safely perform all of its functions while supporting a test load whose weight is at least equal to the equipment’s rated capacity. The test load used must be at least 100% and no more than 125% of the equipment’s rated capacity unless otherwise recommended by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Documented proof load testing must be carried out on every crane per the requirement of OSHA and ANSI.

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