Crane Equipment

From complex custom equipment to standard equipment, components and parts, Midwest Overhead Crane can meet all your material handling needs. No matter your industry or application, our team has the capability to design a crane to fit your specific requirements.

Cranes Types

Whether you are in need of a simple jib crane or a complete overhead crane system, Midwest Overhead Crane has the solution for you. We offer building supported, free standing, pre-fabricated, and even fully customer-designed crane systems.

Cranes Design & Install

At Midwest Overhead Crane we can take a new crane project from start to finish. Whether a box girder or I-beam construction bridge crane, our engineering capabilities allow us to design a crane that meets your needs and CMAA design standards. We will work with our network of vendors to supply top of the line components, fabricate, and factory test the crane at one of our facilities. Once we have it built, we utilize our own personnel for field installation. Our crews are highly qualified and trained for this specialty type work.

System Enhancements

Using our crane expertise and experience, Midwest Overhead Crane can assist in upgrading your equipments current capabilities through the use of modern technology to enhance safety, improve operations, and increase productivity.


If you are moving or need to relocate any of your overhead lifting devices, Midwest Overhead Crane has the capabilities and technical expertise to assist. When moving a crane, it is extremely important to remember that a full crane system is more than just steel and bolts.  Contained within the system itself is a web of complex wiring and sensitive controls that need to be accounted for and dismantled before a successful re-assembly can occur.

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